It all started when...


I came to realize my personal power in a truly life changing way after attending my first Bodysex Workshop in NYC with notorious bad ass and 87 year old mother of masturbation, Betty Dodson, along with her fearless partner Carlin Ross.


After the workshop, I saw that taking responsibility for my own sexual fulfillment was the only way (as opposed to my old pattern of waiting for what I wanted to be given to me).Life began to transform in ways I never thought possible. Healing and empowerment were happening in (gasp!) enjoyable ways. Vulnerability was inspiring next level courage that led to massive action in all areas of my life that would never have previously happened.


I began to envision a world of women who were turned on in this way. Women gathering as sisters and learning to shake off the old, outdated (and frankly, b o r i n g) story of sexual repression, and bravely step into who they came here to be.


This is where the mission came to be:




My approach is rooted in personal autonomy (aka: you are in charge and capable of having the kind of sex and relationships you want and deserve), FUN, and freedom of expression beyond pre-existing patterns and systems of control (whether self inflicted or otherwise).


You can turn yourself on. When you figure out how to do this sexually it is the most empowering thing. When you have the courage to express yourself fully, first maybe by yourself, and then in front of others (sexually or otherwise), you become a FORCE to be reckoned with.


Personal work can bereal drag, so you might as well do it in the most enjoyable way (in the arena of love + sex). It doesn't hurt that when you do this work it pays some pretty awesome dividends along the way (more pleasure, bigger orgasms, increased confidence).


I work as a Holistic Sex and Relationship coach in Hamilton, Ontario with both groups and individuals. I lead Bodysex workshops, just like the ones that first lit my fire, every year in November. If you are interested in putting some energy towards bettering your sexual relationship with yourself and others, either through a Bodysex workshop, or through private coaching, just reach out.  I love talking to people about what they are dealing with, because so often, change is much closer than they think.  Click on book now, and select the free consultation. If you are in the GTA, I am happy to meet you at a cafe, if not we can share a cup via Skype.