The Power of “No” : Lessons From a Sex Club

Yeah… I know. I probably blew your mind with the second half of that title. It kind of blows my own mind that I went to a sex club, too. Anyways, it was a pretty crazy experience that brought up a LOT for me, especially around the power of personal autonomy. 


If you don’t know who I am and what I do already, I am a sex coach for women with a focus on self love. Much of the work I do is done in the nude. I would say I am extremely comfortable being naked around women. I run Bodysex workshops where we masturbate in a group setting. What I am trying to say here is I am not exactly a prude. I am about as sex positive as you can get. So when I heard about Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto, I thought PERFECT, this could be really fun.


Pussy Power

I recently had a booth at a wellness expo, and I was the only practitioner covering issues of sexuality. I loved every single conversation I got to have with people about their sex lives.

And it got me thinking that yes, intuition is so powerful, but we need some basic knowledge.

Did you learn about where your clitoris was in school? I sure didn't. Did you know that the clitoris as most people know it is the literal tip of the iceberg, and that women have almost as much erectile tissue as men? YUP, YUP, YUP. 

Lessons from Anxiety

I have been holding on so tight.

I have forgotten that I have everything I need.

I can relax.

Relaxation is my joy.

And my joy is my genius, my gift to the world.

I can stop trying so hard.

I can stop relentlessly striving for better,

and decide I am enough right now.


It’s insane how provided for I am.

It’s even crazier how quickly I forget that.