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is orgasmic living for you?

Orgasmic living is for you if:

  • You identify as woman/female/femme

  • You know there is more possible for you sexually

  • You are ready to make yourself a priority

  • You want to:

    • learn how to love your body unconditionally

    • become close friends with yourself

    • clear old energetic ties from past lovers

    • shed personal and generational sexual shame

  • You are ready for full pussy power

    • learn ancient practices to build sensitivity and strength

    • release tension and vaginal pain

    • reconnect to your womb space

  • You are ready to learn how to turn yourself the heck on and put it into practice!

    • weekly self pleasure practices and rituals

    • home play and exercises

    • willing to try new things

  • You want to share your journey, discoveries, struggles and celebrations with soul sisters!

  • You want to talk be able to talk openly and calmly about sex, desires and fantasy with your partner(s)

  • You want to shed pleasure anxiety and share your sexuality in healthy ways. You want to:

    • feel safe and relaxed inside of partner sex

    • sexually confident and expressive

    • put the power of vulnerability into practice

    • let yourself be seen raw and real

    • You want to create clear boundaries and deep trust inside yourself

  • You want to reconnect to your desires and figure out how to invite others into them with clarity and confidence

  • You want to unapologetically own your unique desires/ sexual lifestyle

  • You want to start and end relationships consciously with integrity

  • You want to experience more pleasure in every area of life!

You would be better off working with someone else if:

  • you are a recent victim of sexual assault

    • if this is the case, please seek out counselling or therapy in your area

    • this course is not a replacement for therapy

    • I am not a therapist, and it is not within my scope of practice as a coach to help you process fresh trauma

    • this course could be a wonderful complement to therapy

    • if you are not sure where to start, check out HealingHer- an incredible resource made for women survivors by women survivors

  • you aren’t open to being coached individually or in a group

  • you aren’t ready to be seen in the raw realness, and would rather keep pretending everything is fine

  • you want a quick fix

  • you don’t have the time to do the work (approximately 4 hours/week for the call and journaling/exercises)

  • you already feel great about your body + your sex life, you simply want more sex

  • you want only technical and mechanical tools

  • you do not value/refuse to do emotional inner work

  • you prefer to stay struggling in isolation

  • you don’t have reliable internet connection

  • you are under 18 years of age (exceptions may be made with parental consent)

  • you are a man

Still unsure? No problem. Feel free to reach out to me directly explaining your situation at hello@katrinamarie.com