Katrina means PURE.  

Marie means REBELLION.

I am an international sexual empowerment coach.

I work with women from all over the globe to recreate their most foundational relationship: the one with themselves.

I am a crusader of self love and self seduction. I help people just like you shed sexual shame and pleasure anxiety. It is my absolute joy to witness my clients connect to their deep desires and reclaim their erotic powers.

I am the creator of Orgasmic Living, an online course for women looking to create a conscious sexual relationship with themselves and the world around them.

I proudly carry on the legacy of Dr. Betty Dodson, facilitating Bodysex workshops in Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal and Hamilton.

I currently live in Ontario, Canada where I am finishing my first book.

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I am touched you have found your way here. I trust it is not by accident.

So pour yourself a cup of tea and cozy up, because I want to tell you a wild story.

One of possibility and liberation.

I was born and raised in a Christian fundamentalist community in a small town in Canada. I was not always living orgasmically. In fact, I used to think I was asexual. Yes. As in, without sexual feelings.

Not so very long ago, I was laying in my bed, having anxiety attacks over my sexual “dysfunction” on the regular. You see, I never really wanted to have sex. Sure, I did at the beginning of relationships, but when the newness fizzled out, I became a strategic sexual avoidant. How long could I spread it out? What is the least amount I have to “put out.” I only had sex out of obligation. Giving it away like a reluctant gift. Denying my bodies inner no to keep the peace. I remember feeling so triggered by conversations about sex with my husband at the time. I was wracked with guilt. I felt like the problem in our relationship. And at the same time I felt exhausted, unappreciated, and unloved.

When sex in a relationship is great, it’s all good. When sex isn’t happening, it is usually much more painful than “not good". I remember wishing that my husband would not have a sex drive either, because then my problem would just go away. Every time he would want to talk about my zero sex drive and what I was doing to change that, I would go into a full blown anxiety attack. Yup. I was scared.

Looking back, it blows my mind that I wished the most powerful part of me away.

At the height of my desperation, I booked myself in to a nude masturbation workshop with 88 year old “Mother of Masturbation” Betty Dodson. Yes, I signed up for my first Bodysex workshop. I was convinced it was going to fix me and help me become this super sexed up version of myself.

That didn’t happen. What I realized at Bodysex was that I had sexual service hard-wired in to me, which had me resisting all things sexual. Was it me, was it my marriage, was it the sex, was it my body? At this point it was a jumbled mess. I didn’t know myself or what I wanted. I didn’t really trust myself.

I also realized I was carrying a LOT of shame and embarrassment around my body and my sexuality. Feeling fat, inexperienced, awkward, ugly, hairy, unattractive. All of that going on, yet I had been pretending to have it all together with my partners. Bodysex allowed me to be vulnerable in front of other women and see they were dealing with the same stuff. There was so much pain asking to be felt, and I had wanted to jump into pleasure.

I left the workshop on a mission to create a sexual relationship with myself. I wanted to feel all my feels. I wanted to figure out what I was actually drawn to, and learn to listen and honour the wisdom of my body again. I wanted to have the sureness and confidence to invite someone into that experience from a really genuine place of wanting to make magic together.

My life began to transform. It was as if I came into my body again. I began to value my feelings and body cues. I began to let go of the guilt around letting others down. I began to honour my truth. I discovered that vulnerability was a powerful clarifier. I was mustering up courage I never knew I had.

It was a major Kali moment for me. You know the goddess of destruction and sexuality? Yeah. Her. I started destroying everything that wasn’t serving me. I dove into the unknown. And I was scared. I was in a financially dependent marriage, my family was pretty unsupportive at the time. Everyone was mad at me. I had no idea how I was going to make it work. At the same time, I knew that I couldn’t keep going the way I had been.

I chose trust in myself. I decided to back me. I wrote affirmations every day, reminding myself that honouring my self will bring me into alignment, even if it makes a big mess for a hot minute. I didn’t know where I was going to live, how I was going to make money, or how my family would ever understand.

Two days after I decided I needed to leave my marriage, a long time yoga student (I had taught yoga for 10 years at this point) reached out. She said she had been pulling fairy cards all summer and she knew she needed to become a yoga teacher. She wanted me to train her. I agreed. I thought there might be 1 or 2 more students who wanted to learn, and I would be able to scrape by financially. A wave of relief came over me. I had jumped, and two days later I was caught. I was going to be ok. 8 more students signed up that month. I went from making less than $1000/ month, not knowing how I was going to survive on my own to accepting over $20,000 of work in one month. I was so taken care of.

That same month I got an incredible apartment a couple blocks away from the yoga studio, and I returned to NYC to learn how to facilitate Bodysex circles myself. Bodysex was a powerful catalyst in my life. I wanted to help other women begin to know and support themselves. I thought about how the world would be different if women came from this place. I received the call.

I have lead these Bodysex workshops in Canada for 2 years now, and have spent the last year guiding women in my online coaching programs.

I am currently live in Bali, where I am writing, learning to feel myself in even deeper ways, and guiding clients all over the world from my laptop.

I am honoured to have you here on this journey.

Your turn on is your greatest super power. It is your creativity, your sensuality, your radiance, your receiving, your co-creating with Source, and it is your birthright.

Enjoy the site, there are lots of free resources, ways to learn and grow. If you feel a resonance, reach out, I would love to hear from you.


Katrina Marie

In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.
— Caroline Caldwell

Trainings and Qualifications

  • Registered Yoga Teacher, 2008-present

  • Thai Yoga Massage, Level I, II, Thai Lotus Palm, 2011

  • Bachelor of Sexuality Studies - University of Western Ontario, 2009-2012

  • Midwifery, Laurentian University, 2012-2014

  • Founder of Soul Flow Yoga School RYS200, 2016

  • Bodysex Facilitator - Betty Dodson Foundation, 2017

  • Vaginal Kung Fu - Kim Anami, 2018

  • Reiki Level I, II, 2018

  • Inner Alchemy Basic (Awakening Healing Light with the Tao & Loving Energy That Heals) -Universal Healing Tao Master School / Mantak Chia, 2019