Bodysex for One

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Bodysex for One


Bodysex is a workshop for women created by Dr. Betty Dodson in the 70s that carries on to this day by a handful of facilitators world wide, including me, Katrina Marie.

It is typically done in a group format, but this is an option for women who want more privacy, 1:1 attention, or anonymity.

We will spend an afternoon or evening together completely dedicated to you.

I will guide you through the same 5 rituals that I guide Bodysex groups through, with slight modifications.

  1. How I Feel About My Body/ How I Feel About My Orgasm

  2. Genital Show and Tell (plus a deep dive of anatomy of your pleasure and arousal)

  3. Demonstration of Betty’s Rock and Roll Method

  4. Erotic Recess: time to practice with 1:1 guidance

  5. Group Massage: (this practice is modified for 1:1) I will teach you the “3 Minute Game” where you will get the chance to practice boundaries and share non sexual touch

Please note that you may only purchase this after arranging the session. If you have not yet done so, you will be refunded. You can inquire about Bodysex for One by emailing me directly at

Bodysex for One is open to women and trans women.

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