a super charged team of soul sisters.

This is the most supportive, comprehensive offering I have ever put together.

Over 10 experts including doctors, therapists, energy workers, trauma specialists, coaches, hypnotherapists, yoga teachers, Taoist practitioners, erotic dancers and sex educators all to help support YOU on this journey of erotic healing, exploration, and liberation.

I am so proud to present to you the incredible panel of experts from all over the world who will be holding space you throughout this experience.


Katrina Marie

You might know me from Instagram as @thepleasurepriestess, or maybe we met in a cafe where I was talking a little too loudly about the magic of masturbation.

However we met, I am honoured by your interest in my work and grateful to have you here.

I, along with an incrediblefaculty of experts, will be your guide on this 4 month journey.

You can read my full story here.


Gemini Ferrie

Gemini Ferrie is a visionary thought leader on a mission to help successful women shift from feeling unworthy and confused about love to being extraordinary, confident, and empowered masters of love —so they can attract their Dream Relationship and enjoy the soulful love they truly yearn for.

Her journey of overcoming invisibility, trauma, and aloneness allowed Gemini to rise into her true feminine essence and power. And, after a series of very painful relationships, she is now in an amazing, soul-based partnership —one in which she does not have to compromise herself, play games, or sacrifice her truth or sovereignty.

Knowing that finding true love is truly an inside job, Gemini now powerfully guides women on the most vital journey of self-mastery to heal the places inside that get in the way of attracting, identifying, and enjoying a healthy, vibrant relationship with themselves and an amazing partner.

Gemini Ferrie is a graduate of the spiritual psychology master's program at the University of Santa Monica and serves clients worldwide from Los Angeles and Joshua Tree.


Ashley Manta

A sought-after authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis. As a professional sex educator and coach, she helps people navigate these topics to make sure they are interacting, loving, and feeling their best in and out of the bedroom.

She has been nominated for multiple awards including the XBiz Awards for "Sexpert of the Year" (both in 2018 and 2019), the 2018 Digital Hollywood Awards for "Cannabis Influencer," and the 2018 California Cannabis Awards for "Influencer of the Year." Her work has been profiled in The Huffington Post, and referenced in The London Times, Newsweek, BBC3, and LA Weekly, to name a few. She was the featured expert on VICELAND TV's "Stoned Sex" episode of Slutever season one, hosted by Karley Sciortino. She was also featured in an episode of "High Indulgence" on PlayboyTV and had a cameo appearance in an episode of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset.

Ashley has presented at mainstream, adult, and cannabis events like SXSW, High Times Harvest Cup, Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, and Cannabis Wedding Expo. She was a contributing writer to Leafly.com from 2015-2017, and currently writes for Dope Magazine. This year she taught at a number of retreats, including the Glowing Goddess Getaway, Healing Inside Out Retreat, Intimate Health's Punani Power Yoga Retreat, and will be teaching at retreat in Coral Cove Jamaica in 2019.


Rosie Rees

Regarded as a change-maker, trail-blazer and boundary-crosser; Rosie challenges societal norms and is leading the way in normalising nudity and female sexual pleasure.

Rosie is the founder of Women’s Nude Yoga and creator of Yoni Pleasure Palace, a leading online boutique selling crystal sex toys.

Rosie is also the creator of the incredible online Yoni Egg course at Beducated.

She also coaches women all over the world from her home in Australia. She works with women who are dedicated to learning a new way of conscious relating and who are committed to looking at their old patterns and stories that are limiting them from experiencing ease, joy and unconditional love in their intimate relationships.

betty and carlin.jpg

Dr. Betty Dodson &

Carlin Ross

Betty Dodson, artist, author, and PhD sexologist has been one of the principal voices for women's sexual pleasure and health for over three decades. Betty continues her private practice as a sex coach in New York City (click here for details).

Her first book, Liberating Masturbation: A Meditation on Selflove (’74) became a feminist classic. Sex for One (’87) sold over a million copies and is an international best-selling book. Orgasms for Two (’02) embraced partner sex. Most recently, she released Sex By Design that details her experiences with America's Sexual Revolution, the women's movement and her feminist sexual activism.

In 2011, Betty received the public service award from SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality) and the MASTERS AND JOHNSON AWARD presented by SSTAR (Society for Sex Therapy and Research). Betty was recently named one of the top ten sexual revolutionaries by Cosmopolitan magazine and number 43 of the 100 most important people in sex by Playboy Magazine.

Carlin Ross is an attorney, entrepeneur and keeper of all things Betty Dodson. She's the editor-in-chief of their site dodsonandross.com, co-leader of their Bodysex workshops and certification program, and the President of the Betty Dodson Foundation.

Her move from law to sex got her the front page of the NY Times and her vulva was broadcast on national television in Norway.


Gypsy Bast

Gypsy is a burlesque, yoga, pilates, and meditation teach as well as a somatic therapist. Her teachings are intelligently physical, spiritual, and sensual. Over her career, she has joyfully taught thousands of people how to increase their vitality to overcome injuries and pain.

Gypsy inspires people... by cultivating a self-care, love, awareness,and pleasure practice. She guides her students through blocks or traumas, and helps them awaken inner strength. Ideal for anyone wanting to access their healthiest states of being.

She has appeared in Namaskar, Vision Magazine, Yoga Magazine, choreographed for Bon Jovi, the Sundance Film festival, and has trained Cirque de Soleil shows, Hollywood celebrities, international sport stars, ballet companies, royalty, and the CEO's of leading companies.

She has healed her own injuries through deep studies. She survived a nearly fatal car accident with a broken skull, and learned how to access healing within her sub-conscious. Gypsy feels she was born to this work, she thrives in it, and teaching brings her joy, fortitude and passionate living.


Betty Martin

Betty is a Chiropractor, a Body Electric School trained Sacred Intimate, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Foundations of Facilitation trainer, and a self-propelled erotic adventurer and intimacy coach. She is also the creator of The Wheel of Consent.

Every one of these and more has contributed to her understanding of the nature of touch.

She is one of those lucky people who grew up in the touch-y feel-y hippie years. She later got serious and went to Chiropractic school and learned to touch with some clear intent.

That makes about 30 years as a hands-on professional, first in therapeutics – Chiropractic, Educational Kinesiology, Reiki, Neuro-Emotional Integration – and later in body-based erotic education, including sensual massage, Taoist Erotic Massage, Kashmiri tantric massage and Sexological Bodywork.

She has taught peer counseling, gender liberation, embodiment and empowerment, fantasy play, goddess awakening and erotic massage. She has played with contact improv dance, Authentic Movement, Non-Violent Communication and Shaivic tantra. I am a student of The Work of Byron Katie. I am a Board member and train and certify new facilitators for a touch and communication workshop called Cuddle Party.


Grace Hazel

For around 10 years Grace had a chronic pain condition called Vulvodynia. There are different variations of how women experience Pussy Pain, but for her, it was a little bit like sitting right on top of a roaring fire with her knickers off, enduring a constant burn. Every so often she’d experience a shock something like a ‘lightening bolt’ sensation shooting up from her Vulva and into her Vagina.

Grace spent years trying to get diagnosed. Back then, even specialists had limited knowledge on the condition. Once she finally received diagnosis she was put on heavy meds, given various creams, and even had the dreaded, and highly feared ‘vulvodynia’ operation. After all of that, her poor Pussy was still screaming out loud of further healing.

Eventually she gave all of the above up and turned towards the greatest teacher and healer ever: her Pussy. She started a conversation which since, has not stopped. It became Grace’s biggest passion to heal her and in doing so, she has not only healed her Pussy, she has healed and empowered her whole life!

Grace sees her experience with Pussy Pain as her greatest gift which translates to her soul’s calling and ambition to spread an Empowered Pussy message throughout the world.

She now works with women 1-1, in groups, in trainings, in retreats, in workshops, and also writes and shares her message through this blog, various publications, and social media threads, along with curating 'Conversations with Pussy'.


Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator based out of Toronto Canada. Luna packs over 10 years of experience in sexual health and wellness internationally and locally. She has worked with farmers in Eastern and Southern Africa, LGBT youth in Canada and couples seeking threesomes all over North America. Her playful approach to sexuality draws on the creativity, confidence and communication skills we all need to fulfill our pleasure potentials.

Her approach to sexuality education is trauma and equity informed, and prioritizes safe and accessible spaces for people to navigate barriers to confidence and pleasure. Whether you’re struggling with body confidence, performance anxiety or shame around your kinky desires – Luna has you covered with strategies and empathy skills to support your sexy journey. Her blog and YouTube channel are a few of the places you can find her lively and practical advice. Her workshops are refreshingly fun and inviting.


Maria Juzwin

Maria is an Intuitive Reiki Healer, Female Empowerer and Body Love Promoter. Her life purpose is to support and empower women in connecting with their authentic selves and creating their dream lives.

She does this work, because she knows first hand what it's like to feel lost and disengaged in life. She was living a life that looked good on paper, but was unhappy and unhealthy.

Through deep self-work, Maria met her true authentic self and now lives life more fully and with greater satisfaction.

The beauty of Reiki led healing is that it precedes time and space, so it can be facilitated at a distance.

We are so lucky to have Maria joining us on faculty from Canada. She will be sharing her gifts of Reiki in the private Facebook group.