the course for orgasmic living.

This course is for You if you are ready to:

  • Shed sexual shame and heal trauma, individually and ancestrally

  • Create rituals to bring more pleasure into everyday life

  • Practice radical self care

  • Reclaim your sexuality for YOU

  • Deeply understand your body: the anatomy of arousal, the mechanics of pleasure, and the rhythm of your cycles,

  • Have soulful, transcendent sex with your SELF

  • Discover your unique desires + how to communicate them with confidence

  • Learn how to use your sexual energy for creativity, magnetic manifestation, and healing

  • Step into a truly orgasmic life

These programs are super intimate (read: potent AF) . There is limited room. The next group course beginning January 2019.


The breakdown 


Don't take my word for it

Ever though it is only week 2, this course and your facilitation has been worth even more than the price of admission. My paradigm has shifted. Thank you. I no longer have to bang my head against the wall, I can stop spinning my wheels, and I can quit fearing my own personal power.
— Rose
The word the I use when trying to communicate the value of working with Katrina is: wise. Her youth is shocking to me, considering how fucking astute she is. It feels like she is conjuring up knowledge that exists outside of time.
— Jen
Tuned in + Turned on is about so much more than sexuality. It’s freeing ourself from binds you didn’t know you created, it is healing from trauma you didn’t know you had, it is learning to be open and allow yourself to get reaquainted with your inner goddess, it is finding courage and strength you didn’t know you had or needed, it is learning things you didn’t know your body could do, it is realizing that you are perfection and that your uniqueness is beautiful, it is finding excitement in the smallest things, it is everything you never knew you always needed.
— Kim
So many deep emotions have come up when I finally have allowed myself to feel. I never realized how my sexuality affect all aspects of life. Working through generational trauma and getting in touch with my shadow self. I have come to so many discoveries about my relationship to my body.
— Ashley
I am a self-analytical, therapized, and intuitive person., and yet I find that Katrina sees patterns that I miss, sees entry points to change that never occurred to me.
— Jen