Feel the Feels (October 17 Online Class)

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bodysex (2).png

Feel the Feels (October 17 Online Class)


Top Tools for Feeling and Healing

All of them are suitable for complete beginners, but will be taught in a nuanced enough way that well versed practitioners (of embodiment, tantra, sacred sexuality, etc.) will also be nourished.

This is what I will be teaching:

1.) My favourite breathwork practice.

2.) Energy in Motion - My favourite emotional embodiment practice.

3.) My most simple, effective self sound healing  practice.

3 of my best practices and only 1 pre-requisite: a willingness to get closer to your self. All parts. 

Yum, right? Kind of dark. Might get a little edgy. But we are also going to have a lot of fun. 


This workshop will be trauma informed and will be supportive at a group level, but it is not the container to give you 1:1 support.

All practices will be rooted in pleasure, but please be ready to fuck with fear, and sadness, and madness, too. Ok, thank you <3 

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