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Orgasmic Living

March 13 - June 26, 2019


We meet in the Zoom room (a more secure version of Skype) Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm EST from 1-2 hours depending on what is being covered.

All calls will be recorded and sent the next day via email.

The course is facilitated by me, Katrina Marie, and over 10 experts from across the globe. You can read more about them here.

The course is capped at 30 women. 10 spaces are reserved for women of colour. Payment plans are available. You can sign up here.

Create the space and structure to receive your orgasmic life.

Create an alter space, create daily rituals that bring you joy, and weekly dates with the divine.

Module 1

create yourself

Module 2

Heal yourself

Hear your story fully. Designed to give you the profound gift of understanding. Lay down the foundation for self acceptance.

Understand the brilliance of your nervous system and work with it to let go of pleasure anxiety and dissociative tendencies. Develop gentle, effective strategies for holding space for yourself to regulate your nervous system.

Module 3

Love yourself

Make yourself a priority. Become a friend to yourself.

Grandma style, sustainable, grounded fad-free self care that works.

Stop people pleasing, and obligatory everything.

Stop apologizing for your body. For realz. That ends here.

Module 4

Feel Yourself

Thaw out. Use sound, breath and movement to connect body to brain once again.

Open pleasure pathways using ancient Taoist techniques. Learn breast massage, jade egg practices, and ovarian breathing.

Learn pleasure anatomy. Shed genital shame. Yoni mapping and de-armouring.

Connect to the full pleasure potential of your pussy.

The art of self seduction. Intimacy. Presence. Erotic flow state.

Discover what turns you on. End sexual scarcity. Become your own best lover.

Learn Dr. Betty Dodson’s signature “Rock and Roll Method”: an incredible framework for your self pleasure practice that has been proven 93% effective in helping anorgasmic women achieve orgasm.

Module 5

Seduce Yourself

Share all of yourself: the full range of feels and fears. Learn how to share your vulnerability and radical transparency responsibly.

Learn one of the sexiest tools around: boundaries.

Create safe containers for yourself so you can get out of your head and into the moment with partners. Understand the deeper dynamics of giving and receiving, and why you have perhaps shied away from one, or overcompensated in another.

Discover blind spots and cultivate courage and vulnerability to ask for what you want. Give what you truly want to give, no more, no less.

Module 6

Honour Yourself

Module 7

Share Yourself

Stop waiting for the sexual experiences you crave to arrive via sex faeries/Prince(ss) Charming/etc and create the magic your damn self! Become a sexual creatrix.

Discover the 5 erotic languages and how to speak your desires.

Practice the art of intimacy. Let go of performance anxiety and destination orgasm. Slow down and get lost in intuitive sensual explorations.

Learn how to set sacred sensual space to drop in deep, stay present, and communicate with confidence.


Trust the wisdom of your body, and your desires.

Learn to navigate the wild unknown using your yoni as your internal compass.

Next level Taoist techniques. Use your sexual energy for healing and longevity.

Sexual magnetism and manifestation.

Module 8

Trust Yourself