Pussy Power

I recently had a booth at a wellness expo, and I was the only practitioner covering issues of sexuality. I loved every single conversation I got to have with people about their sex lives.

And it got me thinking that yes, intuition is so powerful, but we need some basic knowledge.

Did you learn about where your clitoris was in school? I sure didn't. Did you know that the clitoris as most people know it is the literal tip of the iceberg, and that women have almost as much erectile tissue as men? YUP, YUP, YUP. 

Lessons from Anxiety

I have been holding on so tight.

I have forgotten that I have everything I need.

I can relax.

Relaxation is my joy.

And my joy is my genius, my gift to the world.

I can stop trying so hard.

I can stop relentlessly striving for better,

and decide I am enough right now.


It’s insane how provided for I am.

It’s even crazier how quickly I forget that.

It's Time to Love Yourself

Being kind to ourselves doesn't come naturally for most of us. Isn’t that too bad? That was feels instinctual and natural is to judge ourselves. That being an asshole (to ourselves) is second nature? I remember for the longest time, whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I would check to make sure if I looked good enough. Always a deficit. But will it be good enough? Will they find out I’m not really pretty at all? That it’s makeup and flattering clothing. Tricks of the eye? Ugh...I wish my stomach was flatter. Are my tits perky enough? Am I enough? To deserve love today? To deserve approval? To deserve recognition?


Well, It’s time to turn this thought loop AROUND. As women, we have collectively been spinning in it for what feels like eons. We have wrapped doubt and judgement into our core so densely, that it became our truth. I have had enough. Enough of it in myself. Enough of seeing it in every single client. Every beautiful woman looking back at me thinking they need to look or act a certain way in order to be worthy of love, praise, and affection.