Your Sexual "Dysfunction" is Beyond Functional... It is Wise



Are you living a turned on life of pleasure? Most women aren't. The American Medical Association reports that some 42% of American women suffer from sexual dysfunction. This blows my mind. The word dysfunction is so inaccurate, and the way we are approaching this issue as a culture is mis-guided to say the least.

So if you are here reading this, I need you to know something:

Your body was made brilliantly, and your “dysfunction” carries potent messages of wisdom.

It is my mission to change this stat. Not through creating a new pill or tool, but through helping women re-connect and remember who they ARE and what they WANT.

Most women do not know what is truly possible for them sexually, and if they do, they don't know how to get there. Sexual energy is a potent tool of creation. We are massively under functioning in this area. This puts us at a massive disadvantage, and not just in the bedroom.

I have been there. So frustrated with my own lack of desire that I convinced myself something must be wrong with me. I tried to explain it a gazillion ways. Maybe I was asexual? Maybe I was just into women? Maybe my vagina was dysfunctional? Too weak? Too loose? Was sex just not for me?

I spent years and years, and a ton of trial and error figuring this shit out. I went from being a desireless, sexually dysfunctional housewife to unapologetic, orgasmic woman living life on my own terms.  

My sexual awakening woke up everything. I had the courage to leave my financially dependant marriage. I launched 2 successful businesses. To say I was energized would be an understatement. I was on fire. I no longer bowed to others' expectations of me, sexually or otherwise. I developed a relationship with my intuition. I felt connected to myself. And you can, too. 

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