It's Time to Love Yourself


Being kind to ourselves doesn't come naturally for most of us. Isn’t that too bad? That was feels instinctual and natural is to judge ourselves. That being an asshole (to ourselves) is second nature? I remember for the longest time, whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I would check to make sure if I looked good enough. Always a deficit. But will it be good enough? Will they find out I’m not really pretty at all? That it’s makeup and flattering clothing. Tricks of the eye? Ugh...I wish my stomach was flatter. Are my tits perky enough? Am I enough? To deserve love today? To deserve approval? To deserve recognition?


Well, It’s time to turn this thought loop AROUND. As women, we have collectively been spinning in it for what feels like eons. We have wrapped doubt and judgement into our core so densely, that it became our truth. I have had enough. Enough of it in myself. Enough of seeing it in every single client. Every beautiful woman looking back at me thinking they need to look or act a certain way in order to be worthy of love, praise, and affection.


We need to create a new truth. For ourselves. For our daughters and our granddaughters. We don’t want to pass down this outdated, painful way of relating to ourselves. It wastes time. It’s so distracting. Our daughters and granddaughters will be coming here on missions with bigger purpose than we could even dream up. So we must clear some of our baggage so they may have a lighter load than us. So that our pain doesn't drag them down. 

New paradigms do not simply come out of nowhere. They come from contrast. And they must be forged. Out of this contrast of our culture of judgement and doubt, will be born a new reality where we love ourselves without condition.


How do we do this? We watch the old story play itself out in our minds every time we look in the mirror, every time we look down at our soft stomachs wishing they were different, every time we catch ourselves wishing part of ourselves away. We stop in these moments to feel what we are doing to ourselves. To notice how fucking mean we are. To ourselves. And we breathe the deepest apology into the core of our being. And then we create a new vision, a new story of the way we wish to relate to ourselves. A new truth. And we hold it in our hearts and minds every time we come up against the old reality. To remind ourselves what is true.


My new truth is that I am valuable no matter what. That I am enough. Always. Without effort. Without proving myself. That my enough-ness is inherent. The truth is that there is nothing (NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING) I can or cannot do to make me unworthy of my own love and acceptance. My new truth is that I don’t need to control how much I share of myself into to be loved. That I can be naturally, fully self expressed me, and know that it is the most beautiful thing I can be. That I can take an exhale, that I can relax into being, and I will be received. My truth is that I am lovable. My truth is that who I am is beautiful.  That my body is beautiful simply because it is carrying my spirit with such grace. I have decided to be a friend to myself. To relax into acceptance. To stop waiting for joy. To worship my body.


It’s time to love myself

It's time to love yourself.


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I love you. You are perfect.