Full Moon Musings: Release the Need to Succeed

Full moons are the time to release what is no longer serving you.


Well, well, well… I have been receiving many little (and some not so little) signs leading up to this full moon as to what those things might be.


And this is the shit I am letting go of (maybe you need to let go of it, too):


Being ‘successful’.

Trying hard.

Forcing things.

Getting all the things done.


Perfect eating.

Perfect planning.

Perfect outfits.

Perfect feelings.


Remembering that every good thing I have ever been given is a gift from God/ess/My Higher Self/ Universe.


Remember that force gets me nothing I truly want.


Remembering that what I want wants me. That I don't need to force it to come close to me.


Remembering that my joy/bliss/flow/ease are what makes me successful.

Remembering that this is what I am being asked to choose in every moment.


Remembering that holy smokes I am in a system that has been rigged in my total favour and all I need to do is sit back and relish in gratitude that I don’t have to have it all figured out. That I just have to follow what brings me joy, and trust that it will work out.


Remembering to get out of my microcosmic self-involved universe. A world full of self-imposed limits I didn’t even know I created. A made up world full of calculated predictions. A world that requires my control to architect the most perfect version of happy. A happy that always feels a little bit empty and a whole lot exhausted.


Remembering to trust. Remembering to go for it. To give up control and surrender into the macrocosmic flow of divine alignment.


Remembering to trust the wisdom in my body.

Remembering that controlling/depriving/judging it is not the way to understand and decode its messages.

Remembering to love and accept ALL of myself.



I let go of control.

I am completely taken care of.

Everything is happening for me in perfect timing. 

The more I love myself, the more I align myself.


Happy full moon, beautiful people. Lots of love,