Full Moon Musings: Your Freedom is Worth It

Full Moon in Sagittarius

I have been challenged lately to stand up for what I want.

The thing that almost always stops me is other people’s upset.

I am so afraid of people being mad at me for changing my mind. For wanting to move on. So afraid to say ‘no’.

Afraid of their anger, the conflict, the difficult conversation.


For some reason this is the hardest lesson for me. Perhaps you have been struggling to learn it, too. Said a different way: these words are for me, and perhaps they can be useful for you, too.


Trying to remember that I am doing the right thing when the people around me are hurt by my honesty. The honouring of myself turning into the hurting of others seems like a really cruel joke. It can’t possibly be right that what I want equals other people’s upset. So I must be wrong. Riiight?? Ok. Yup. No problem, I guess I must have been wrong about what I really want. I don’t want to hurt people, so no problem, no problem at all then. I will just make it work. I will figure it out. I will find a more convenient thing to want.


Well enough of that noise.


It is time to follow the longing of your soul.

Your peace-keeping is keeping you small.

Yes, you are a peace keeper,

but you cannot forget that you are here on a mission

first, and foremost.

You are the lone warrior and defender of your dreams.

You are the only thing holding you back.

Your freedom is more important than their upset.

Your purpose is bigger than their offense.



You can do it.

Say it with love.
Own up to what you could have done better.

Learn the lesson.

They will forgive. (in this lifetime, or the next)

Their upset is not your problem.

It is time to be true to you.

To do what you know you need to do.


Full moon courage being sent your way.