Full Moon Musings: Courage to Transform

Full Moon in Scorpio


I haven’t personally read anything about this particular moon, but I have heard people around me talking about it’s theme of transformation. I have gotten in a bit of a swing of writing on moon days. To clear my own head, and to create a window to see what is actually on my heart. My hope is that sharing my current wavelength might help you recognize your own. Because, we are all mostly water after all, and that mighty moon is pulling us all in the same direction. That’s what is so fascinating to me about astrology. Planets and stars moving and pulling us in different directions. Nobody is exempt. 


So today I want to talk about the bravery and courage required to t.r.a.n.s.f.o.r.m.


I have been thinking and wondering why some people transform and why others can’t seem to get it together. I have been feeling frustrated with some people in my life who seem to be holding themselves back in such obvious ways. It seems so clear to me that they are SO set up to be successful, that they are SO supported in making that leap, but they don’t seem to share that same view of their capabilities, regardless of how convincing I am. The thing they seem to be hit so hard up against is…. FEAR. Yup, even though they know who they have been isn’t who they want to continue to be, the fear of the UNKNOWN future keeps them locked in.



I was raised on this Christian song called Trust and Obey… it came across pretty fear based when I was a child. The flavour was more “ignore your feelings and just trust God/Jesus and what he said in the Bible,” than, “trust your gut and obey the yearnings of your heart.” Now that I have adjusted my relationship to God/universal consciousness/Love/higher self/etc., the song has taken on a whole new meaning. In fact, I have made “Trust and Obey” my new mantra, and daaaamn it is powerful.


The thing that has changed, is that instead of trusting someone else’s rules in an ancient book, I am trusting and obeying my intuition, my instincts, that little whisper that is giving me a yes, giving me sign after sign, and opportunity after opportunity to learn the lesson, to know I am cared for, and to know I am not alone. You just need to be brave enough to listen to every little nudge.  Or don’t, but then the signs have to get louder and more dramatic to catch your very stubborn attention.


So yes, if you are reading this, this is probably another one of those nudges, telling you that you can do it, that you need to be brave, and it will all work out.  Trust and obey. You are being guided. Your desires are not tricking you. They are leading you to becoming your most fulfilled self. And sometimes they are scary shit. And you are capable of handling everything you have been given. The braver you can be, the better the prize. It’s a brilliant system really. Just get practiced at doing scary stuff. Having the brutal conversation the minute you know it needs to happen. Saying you are scared the second you are scared. Admitting you were wrong when you realize you were wrong, and standing up for yourself when you feel someone trying to diminish you. Have the courage to completely change your life, because you know you are doing things out of habit and obligation instead of inspiration and guidance. Be brave enough to listen to that nudge of God even when the people in your life might not understand, or even adamantly oppose you. You are not alone. When you follow the pull of what is guiding you, you are moving with such a tidal wave of support behind you, that if you could see it, you would laugh at your own fear.


This full moon, I pray for the collective, for YOU. To listen to the nudges and the whispers, to know your own strength, your own bravery. To trust and obey. To know that the universe is behind you.


Make that leap. Make that change. I know that fear. Let it thrill you instead of terrify you. May you begin to recognize fear as a sign of your life getting way better instead of worse. Fear is simply a precursor to transformation. May you remember who is behind you. How supported you are. Fear has nothing on the truth of who you really are, and what you came here to do.  You will never feel more alive than that moment after you jump, after you do something terrifying. You came here to be alive. The massive contrast is part of the human experience, and once you stop letting fear repel you from what you want, you get to have what you want. All of it. You just have to be willing to feel the fear, and do it anyways.




Katrina Marie