Sneak Peak to the Workbook (that is in the works!)

Learning to Love Your Self

 A (work)book for women to discover their innermost desires and create an unimaginable life of ease, passion and abundance.


Consider this thought with me for a moment: that you already know everything you need in order to have the most blissful life of ease, passion and abundance. Your body and the world around you have been giving you hints and clues, trying to urge you in the right direction. Some of them are loud, some quiet, but regardless of your awareness of them, they have been going on for basically your entire life. So what the hell? Why don’t you have everything your heart desires already? Because you not been taught to make your desires a priority. We have been taught that our desires are mischievous, or will lead us astray. Somewhere along the way, you decided that you have asked for far too much, that you are not worthy of your desires. Or perhaps your desires are so far from your current reality, that you become overwhelmed by the logistics and the how, so you write the whole thing off, because you have deemed yourself incapable.

The great news is that these feelings about your self are completely changeable. They feel true right now because you have spent so much time believe them and reinforcing them. But you are wrong. You can have everything you want. I know it because I used to be where you might be right now. Dispassionate, depressed, uninspired, waiting, exhausted, and feeling unsatisfied no matter how much I accomplished. Life felt like hard work.

This is what you need to do:

You need to slow down for a minute and give yourself the space to listen, to actually care about what you want. This is the beginning of self love.

Next, you need to realize that you are worthy of what you want.

This is the deepening of self love.

Then you need to realize you are so fucking capable. To recognize that once your heart is set on fire, you can accomplish things that you never thought possible, in such a sweet flow, that you can’t believe you are part of the magic.

This is the awakened woman.

It is my life’s purpose to help wake women up to this reality. Empowerment isn’t a dream, or a fluffy journal topic. It is a daily practice of listening to your self without judgment, loving your self without conditions, trusting your self even if you can’t see the how, and believing in your highest self to lead the way and take you wherever you need to go. When you get this for yourself, you begin to expect this from everyone around you. It is infectious. It seems radical to love your self without condition, to trust the guidance of your inner voice. And it will change the world.

That is what this book is for. Simple exercises to usher you along the path of what it truly means to love your Self.

 I love you. I believe in you. Enjoy the ride.