Staying Present

I always want to plan. To figure out what is next. I think that is neccessary to improve my future experience, but instead it pulls me away from the now. When left unattended, my neurosis almost always lives in the future... in subtle anxiety, full of strategy on how to be the most prepared to allow myself the best, most fun, most productive, blah, blah, blah, blah, fucking BLAH. It is hilarious that this my steategy because it has the complete opposite effect.

I'm grateful that I am ale to see the madness of all that. That I can watch it happen, and begin to

S H I F T.

It's time to stop planning so many moves in advance. When I go to bed tonight, I will not take my iPad with me. I will not spend 30 minutes figuring out what yoga class I want to go to tomorrow. I will not micro-manage what I can eat tomorrow. No. Because I really just want to go to fucking sleep. And I need to slow my mind down, so I can focus on just that. To stay present. I can worry about what to do next in the morning. I can't possibly know what I will need then right now anyways. It isn't helpful. When I am in the flow things feel easy, and divinely aligned. Effort slips away, there are no questions.

All I have to do is be right here, right now. And then do the next thing that feels good. Sleep? Eat? Move? Create? Connect with nature? It's simple, I don't have to have it all figured out now, in this moment.

I just have to know what to do next.

And then do that until it is done. Be present fully and the next right thing will appear.

I let go of control. I surrender to the flow of NOW.

I let go of control. I surrender to the flow of NOW.

I let go of control. I surrender to the flow of NOW.

I hope if you are reading this, that maybe this gave you just the right nudge. To let go of worry, and enjoy the present moment without distraction.