Moon Musings



I am realizing that my feelings are being asked to be felt.

It seems that they are asking so quietly sometimes. I forget to pay attention to them for great stretches of time simply because it is so easy to.

But then, by some stroke of luck (read: thank you God) I remember again.

That I feel so infinitely better when I take time to feel. Really feel what is there, and connect with myself.

Perhaps, you too, feel this way from time to time.

I realized tonight that one of my most accessible tools I have to care for myself is food. I have been over using this tool to the point where it is no longer helpful. I am over-nourished, if that is a thing. Over-nourished, and under listened to. My body is asking me to listen more. To stop squashing subtle negative emotions with food and actually listen to what I truly need in that moment. In this way, food can become nourishing again, instead of a numbing agent. 


Jai Guru Ganesha

All hail the remover of illusion, of spiritual obstacles.

May my vision + path be clear.

Help me see what is me and what is ego.

Thank you thank you thank you.

For guidance. For support. For teachers in everyone.

I bow to this brilliant thing called the human experience.

It is humbling, awe striking, messy, and beautifully simple all at the same time.

What a trip, what a ride.

There is so much pain available. And there is so much joy available. The choice is mine. I am in control. I choose JOY.

Full Moon Rx:

  • more time outdoors (try for 1 hour minimum/day)
  • do computer work outside on the porch as much as possible
  • stop to breathe before eating for 1-20 minutes to process any emotions that are asking to be felt


As I take care of myself, I make myself available to care for others, 

The more I care for myself, the more I align myself.

The work is my only work.

The more I breathe, I receive.

I love myself.