Orgasmic Living is an online course for women.

It is a journey of body acceptance, erotic embodiment, sensual self discovery, and relational redemption.

It is about slowing down enough to get to know YOU.

Develop deep understanding for YOU.

Create a culture of empathy + presence within YOU.

Experience profound intimacy with YOU.

Orgasmic Living is about repairing the foundational way you relate.

It is about shedding generations of shame.

Let yourself be seen.

Remember the joy and healing available through PLEASURE.

Know your desires.

Have the confidence to speak the (sex) life you want into existence.

You are that powerful.

It is about discovering desire. Trusting yourself. Worthiness. Unapologetic self expression.

meet your guide

Hi there! My name is Katrina Marie.

You might know me from Instagram as @thepleasurepriestess, or maybe we met in a cafe where I was talking a little too loudly about the magic of masturbation.

However we met, I am honoured by your interest in my work and grateful to have you here. I, along with an incredible faculty of experts, will be your guide on this 4 month journey.

Orgasmic Living is a culmination of a degree in sexuality studies, years studying to be a midwife, personal study, and the school of life (hello small Christian community ubpringing and sexless marriage, thank you for the lessons). That combined with 3 years of both private and group sexual empowerment coaching practice.

I have been facilitating groups for 13 years. I have over 4000 hours of yoga teaching experience, 5 years bodywork practice, and have studied directly with two of the world’s most highly regarded teachers of sexual empowerment and self mastery (Dr. Betty Dodson and Mantak Chia).

I have spent the past 3 years coaching and leading workshops internationally, and am beyond thrilled to present this material to you. It is the most supportive and comprehensive set of offerings I have ever created and best of all, it is also the most accessible way to work with me that has ever been.

You can read more about who the course is for here.

You can see the curriculum and timeline here.

Vulnerable. Unapologetic. Brave. Women. Rising. Up.

Join us. Reclaim your pleasure.